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    Impressions 2023


    Mieko Suzuki

    Mieko Suzuki is a sound artist, composer and DJ born in Hiroshima and based in Berlin.
    She deals with time and space as her primal matter. In highly unconventional sound performances, for which she uses drones and field recordings, the crackling of electrical circuits and fragments of vinyl records, Mieko Suzuki always goes for the unexpected. She couples the raw power of sound with the tenderness of subtle modulations and turns any space into a playground for sonic adventures.

    Choreographer Meg Stuart, theater director Johan Simons and avant garde techno label Raster are among her regular creative collaborators. Mieko Suzuki’s signature take on sound creates equal effect in a basement club, a theater play or a dance performance as well as in the context of visual arts and haute couture.

    Other collaborations which Mieko Suzuki is involved in are:

    The trio Contagious – Andrea Neumann (inside piano), Sabine Ercklentz (trumpet) and Mieko Suzuki (turntables), all 3 of them with additional electronic devises. Neumann, Ercklentz and Suzuki interact like a living creature, transcending binary opposites and ambivalent in the best sense of the word: very enigmatic and very alive.

    And “Broken Vinyl”, an audiovisual performance by Mieko Suzuki with visual artist Claudia Rohrmoser. For their joint performance, they explore the mutual influences of sound and image, sharing the same source material: vinyl.

    Since 2009, Mieko Suzuki has been running the bi-monthly, multidisciplinary event Kookoo, together with Arno Raffeiner at OHM Gallery in Berlin.

    Dance and theater productions with Barbara Raes: Unacknowledged Loss (2017/2019) / with Johan Simons: Hamlet (2019), Richard ll (2021), Ödipus, Herrscher (2021), Geschichten aus dem Wiener Wald (2021) / Maria F. Scaroni, City Lights (2016), ON AIR (2018) / with Meg Stuart: City Lights (2016), Celestial Sorrow (2018), Tanzkongress (2019) / with Tatsuro Horikawa: JULIUS (since 2011)

    Photo @Gerhard Kühn